Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18th, 2014 – Solid Sunday

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18th, 2014

A lot of boats went out of Oregon Inlet today and the crews were rewarded with more of the same – nice solid gaffer dolphin that were willing to crush baits.  The yellowfin tuna action was a little light.  Several of the captains noted the change in the Gulf Stream and the need to push upwards of 50 or more miles.  Grass lines were still a bit scattered but productive stretches weren’t hard to find.

The charter Dream Girl reported some great dolphin action early on when the captain located some inshore grass that was broken up a little.  The crew connected and was able to find some nice gaffer dolphin.  Rounding out there trip was sight fishing for cruising cobia.
The Oregon Inlet fishing report for the charters Country Girl and Fishin Frenzy were that gaffer dolphin were willing to bite, and the crews had success.  High Return fishing out of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reports a great day offshore with similar action.

Legacy’s Oregon Inlet fishing report was heading out in search of some nice gaffer dolphin, successfully landing several.  The crew continued to troll and were rewarded with some hungry yellowfin tuna.  The Legacy was able to bring 7 yellowfin tuna to the boat.  After finding the yellowfin the captain eased back to the east and finished out by filling the box with several more really nice gaffer dolphin.

Point Runner out of the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center reports that the Gulf Stream change was nearly 50 miles.  After the long haul, the crew had a great day offshore.   The charter Skiligal loaded the boat with gaffer dolphin and added one yellowfin tuna all by 9:30 this morning.

Rounding out the Oregon Inlet fishing report is Obsession.  The crew of the Obsession quickly found the productive grass lines and the action never let up.  The action was quick, often times with doubles and triples of gaffer dolphin.  Within two hours the boxes were full and everyone decided to shoot for some yellowfin tuna or marlin.  After dropping the big baits over, the crew was quickly back on the rods but with more dolphin!  With no more room in the box, the crew headed in early with a solid limit of dolphin.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 Dream Girl

Photo Courtesy of Dream Girl

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 High Return

Photo Courtesy of High Return

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 Legacy

Photo Courtesy of Legacy

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 Obsession

Photo Courtesy of Obsession

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 Point Runner

Photo Courtesy of Point Runner

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 18 Skiligal

Photo Courtesy of Skiligal

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