Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 15th, 2014 – Rougher Weather

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 15th

The weather certainly didn’t help the crews or the fishing, but several boats still fished out of Oregon Inlet and had success.  This weather will affect the oncoming cobia but but not significantly.  The winds are forecasted to continue through Friday before easy up some.  The dolphin is still good and yellowfin is becoming a little more consistent.

The Oregon Inlet fishing report for Point Runner is as noted, rougher weather certainly made the fishing more challenging.  The crew was still able to locate and hook up with some nice dolphin offshore.  The captain was also able to run down and hookup a nice yellowfin tuna to round out the day.

The charter boat Skiligal, out of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center found and hooked up with several nice gaffer dolphin early in the morning.  As the winds switch and began blowing causing things to change.  The crew switched out and tried to catch some tilefish but the drift and current were too much.  Rounding out the day, the crew did find some yellowfins – 4 in total –  and managed to hookup with one tuna and several more gaffer sized dolphins.

While the weather isnt ideal, crews looking to stick it out can find some nice fish.  The weather should subside through the weekend.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 15 Point Runner

Photo Courtesy of Point Runner

Oregon Inlet Fishing Report May 15 Skiligal

Photo Courtesy of Skiligal

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